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Well once again thank you for an unexpectedly great turn out of music fans, making a great crowd and support for the band is always highly appreciated. As always at the Bath we had a great night. It’s always fun to play, and great to see so many friends we’ve made there over the years.

We played a heavier set, quite different from what we play elsewhere, and it was received very well by our enthusiastic friendly crowd. We can’t tell you how much that means to us – without you lot we wouldn’t do it! In the words of Aerosmith, we were “living on the edge” last night by playing four new songs we had never played together at all. Fortunately for us we had each learnt the same versions faithfully from the original records and musical calamities were averted! To our credit, and happy surprise, we nailed them! AC/DC classics – Let There Be Rock, Shoot To Thrill, Touch Too Much, and Motorhead’s Ace of Spaces all went down brilliantly, as did all our more rehearsed songs. We also used our smoke machine for the first time which was fun!

Looking forward to being back at the Bath Hotel on Christmas Eve.