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Cracking night at Georgia Brown’s in Hindley last night! Great to play to full house of complete nutters again, dancing with firecrackers lit above their heads with the smoke alarms going off! They were totally oblivious to it, having the time of theirs lives.¬† We did have a moment of panic, wondering if there might be a sprinkler system about to come on over the band and all our electrical equipment! We wish we got some pictures of that, but it’s impossible to use a camera while rocking¬†“Whole Lotta Rosie” at the same time. Poor Jesta was in agony all night with a migraine headache but soldiered on because, like Twisted Sister said, you can’t stop Rock ‘n’ Roll! The photographs didn’t come out great – we’ll use the other camera next time!

We’ll be back, with several new dates, at Georgia Browns in 2015 and look forward to seeing all those fun maniacs next year.
Hush x